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FSP05: for filling syringes: a new integrated weight control system

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12-04, 2012
Developed to meet the new production requirements of the market of products distributed in pre-filled syringes is the FSP05 machine that fills/stoppers syringes in nests, branded Marchesini Group.
Fast and compact, flexible and reliable, the FSP05 is able to reach maximum production rates of up to 10 thousand pieces per hour.
The machine was enriched with the new integrated weight control system.
What does it consist of? The sampling and control system of the weight of the product batched in the syringes (IPC) makes it possible to verify the tare weight (unfilled syringe) and the gross weight (filled syringe without stopper) using just one load cell, for each filling station. Sampling can be performed once on the single nest and at a rate of the nests that can be chosen via the control system.
This system is consequently able to meet the specific requirements of the syringe market and those of customers.