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06-15, 2015

Marchesini Group has taken over a branch of Multipack, a company in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) specializing in end-of-line packaging systems for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs. 

The investment includes the technologies and the know-how exploited to build end-of-line pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machinery, which is already an integral part of the production range of Marchesini Group and will allow the Group to offer even more integrated technological solutions to supply complete packaging lines.

Multipack was setup in the 70’s and has been working with Marchesini Group since the 80’s. It has extended its product range over the last decade and now also offers strapping machines, overwrappers, box formers and heat-shrink tunnels, all of which are turnkey solutions tailored for the specific needs of each customer. In the food processing industry, and the TISSUE market especially (for absorbent products, such as paper napkins, handtowels and folded paper products), Multipack works with a dedicated line of wrapping machines, developing innovative solutions to generate added value and to cut costs for its customers.

Maurizio Marchesini, the CEO of Marchesini Group, who has just been re-elected to lead the Industrialists of Emilia-Romagna, told that «Multipack is renowned for its reliability in designing end-of-line machines» and that «the acquisition of some of its technologies, that we have been working with for some years, is just a part of a strategic project focusing on boosting production and internationalising markets».

Aldo Stupazzoni, Chairman of Multipack said: «The fact that Marchesini Group has purchased some of our technologies just proves that what we have done so far is excellent. This transaction further enhances the commitment of Multipack in the Tissue industries; we have indeed almost finished developing other innovative wrapping systems for rolls of toilet paper and kitchen towels». Davide Angelini,  General Manager of Multipack said that «The business asset will not change and we will continue to produce packaging solutions for diverse industrial sectors, other than pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Our businesses will run parallel and we will continue to work together with mutual esteem, just as we have been doing for so many years». 

To begin with, Marchesini Group and Multipack will work together so that the Sales, After Sales and Customer Care services continue to run smoothly and satisfy the customers’ needs. Marchesini Group will start producing its machines with the Multipack technology as of July.