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Marchesini Group hosts the meeting entitled “Cosa tiene accese le stelle: Fior di Risorse meets Mario Calabresi”

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02-16, 2012
Cosa tiene accese le stelle: Fior di Risorse meets Mario Calabresi”. This is the event organised by “Fior di Risorse”, to take place on February 23rd c/o Marchesini Group. Special guest, Mario Calabresi, Director of the Italian daily newspaper “La Stampa” and author of numerous books. The event is promoted by the transversal group “Fior di Risorse – Persone al centro”, which was set-up several years ago on the Linkedin platform with the intention to aggregate the “decision makers” of Italian enterprises, with the aim to promote professional relations and opportunities.
Marchesini Group will host the initiative where, together with the special guest Mario Calabresi, Roberto Bonzio, an appreciated journalist and creator of the project entitled “Italiani di Frontiera”, will tackle four hot topics: the importance of thinking out of the ordinary; how inclined are we to change our points of reference; enhancing talents; modest and extraordinary personal stories to be copied with pride emerge from the crisis.
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