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“Medal for Work Merits” awarded to Giuseppe Monti

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05-02, 2012
A prestigious award of the Italian Republic conferred by the Head of State to employees of public or private enterprises who have made their mark for certain merits of skill, industriousness and good moral behaviour in at least twenty five years of activity”. In brief, this is the meaning and intention of the “Medal for Work Merits” awarded to a number of professionals from the Emilia Romagna region, at the municipal theatre of Bologna according to tradition during the festivities of the May 1st bank holiday. To receive the award from the Prefect of Bologna, Mr. Angelo Tranfaglia, was Giuseppe Monti, the Technical Director of Marchesini Group. Mr. Tranfaglia commented, “in these serious times of crisis, it is even more important to refer to the merits of those who have always considered their work a means of moral elevation and promotion of civil progress”.
We would simply like to congratulate Mr. Monti for this very well deserved acknowledgement!