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04-18, 2017

On the top of New York City

The recently concluded edition of Interphex was not just like all the others for the Marchesini Group.  At their Booth 3125, as always, one of the busiest of the trade show, Marchesini’s team celebrated an important anniversary: the “first” 25 years of the Group’s  North America branch.

Following the three-day event, bustling with meetings and constructive exchange of ideas with show attendees, the staff of the Marchesini Group and some of their customers met at an exclusive venue: the top floor of the Hyatt Centric Times Square, where the exclusive party took place with live entertainment and great food. The horizon over the sky scrapers of the Big Apple was also a metaphor: looking far ahead to reach new horizons and to take on even more ambitious challenges.

The 25 years’ activity of the American branch have reached a target, but above all set a new one.  The future of the world of packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is expanding toward new horizons. The Group’s strategies too are expanding: the goal is to implement some transactions to expand the cosmetic sector and to become a reference point also in this field not only for American customers but also customers worldwide, thanks to the development of new stand-alone machines and to the restyling of some historical models.

25 years of challenges and growth in the American market

To journalists who asked him “In these 25 years of operation, what have been some of the greatest advancements you’ve made in your field?”, Roger Toll, Executive Vice President of Marchesini Group USA, answered: “Generally the significant and continuing growth of the company and our ability to provide complete line solutions. Without a doubt our advances in in-house robotic solutions have revolutionized the industry.  Thanks to their modularity, our robots can be installed on board rotary or sliding units; they have pick up heads with different axis of rotation according to the function of the product to be handled, a wide working area and high loading capacity”.

What was exhibited at the show: the Extrafill – a robotic Monobloc Syringe Filler

Extrafill is a filling and stoppering machine for syringes in nests, developed to meet the growing demand of packaging disposable pre-filled syringes. Extrafill is compact, flexible and designed to accommodate from two to five filling and stoppering stations and makes it easier to manage work areas.  

Extrafill was exhibited at Interphex and will be exhibited at Interpack once again as an innovative monobloc unit designed to combine tub opening and syringe filling/stoppering phases under just one RABS or isolator.

The outcome is a machine capable of producing up to 12 thousand pieces per hour, assuring incredibly precise operations, thanks to syringe and stopper handling systems able to prevent any possible contamination and ensure a perfect aseptic process

Extrafill is equipped with rotating piston pumps and an innovative “Statistical In Process Control” weighing system, which offers economic and technical benefits compared with traditional solutions.

The heart of the machine - a robot that has been integrated in the new syringe filling unit - is the outcome of research activities carried out by the Marchesini Group to innovate the automatic machinery industry.  Both the mechanics and software of the tub de-lidding head have indeed been developed entirely by the R&D team with the goal of devising a specific robotised system capable of handling products with outstanding efficiency in sterile conditions.

Since it has been purpose-designed for this function, the robot has been given a futuristic gripper that moves just like a human hand. The software is also incredibly effective in moving it and performing the various consecutive operations: Handling, look for peel-off corner, peeling, remove second protective cover from tub and handling.