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Open House Marchesini: review of a successful event

Company news
11-02, 2010
Marchesini’s 5-day Open House ended last Friday, October 22nd; the event was attended by over 1200 customers from 650 companies spread across 55 countries worldwide. Among these were 250 Italian visitors, 150 French visitors, 120 Spanish visitors and 60 German visitors, representing multinational and various other enterprises among which Merck, GSK, Roche and Novartis. The flow of visitors recorded 600 entries on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st. The event, which took place from 18th – 22nd October, offered an opportunity to present the technological trends of the future; the most innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging industries, focusing on topics such as robotics, sterile processing applications and tamper-evident technologies. The Open House of Marchesini was hosted in the group’s new factory, inaugurated for the occasion and built in the name of eco compatibility and sustainability, which will become part of the logistics centre and which with its 3500 square meters will expand the current surface area of 40000 square meters over which the headquarters develop. Throughout the event customers, services enterprises and journalists were able to take a close look at how the technicians of Marchesini work, witnessing the outstanding proficiency of the group’s staff members and the work methods that have ensured Marchesini’s leadership in over almost forty years of activity on worldwide markets. The 'made in Italy' concept was worthily represented also by the food prepared for the event; foreign guests were able to taste 160 kg of meat, 244 kg of fish and an impressive 223 kg of desserts over the five days, thanks to the efforts of Marchesini’s own restaurant. And, just to prove the real efforts made, our “pasta makers” kneaded roughly 300 eggs and flour in five days to produce over 200 kg of fresh pasta. Finally, guests were welcomed in the evening in the wonderful settings of Palazzo Pepoli, in the old town centre of Bologna.