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RSF3L: the point where experience and innovation meet

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11-20, 2012
Empowered by outstanding technical expertise gained in the liquid filling industry in 30 years of business, the Marchesini Group has created a machine that fills and seals open ampoules and whose reliability and design yet again prove the group’s innovative spirit.
Its name is RSF3L; it works at a rate of nine thousand ampoules an hour and offers special constructional features to satisfy such a demanding market as that of pharmaceuticals, in particular for liquid products, even in a sterile environment: perfect repeatability of the ampoule filling and sealing or capping operations, simple and quick size change-overs, in addition to the possibility to easily connect it to a sterilization tunnel installed upstream from the machine itself.
The structure of the machine is designed to guarantee efficient self-cleaning performance, which is important for this particularly delicate product: no glass fragments enter the ampoule feeding lines because, if there are any, they drop into the tank installed in the bottom of the machine.
The filling unit installed on the machine’s work surface is easy to dismantle and sterilize. The ampoules are automatically loaded directly from the boxes or open-sided baskets onto the conveyor where they are held firmly in position by a support; from here, they are subsequently transferred by a continuous-motion scroll to a variable speed star wheel and then to the rake conveyor.
Ampoule presence on the rake conveyor is controlled electronically on the neck: this solution means that only perfectly intact ampoules are filled.
Among the optional systems available with the machine are those for dispensing inert gas before, during and after the filling phase and for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) of the entire dispensing system.