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The framework agreement is consigned to suppliers

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12-13, 2012
The Marchesini Group has always worked alongside reliable and qualified suppliers with whom it has established, year after year, trustworthy business relationships in the name of utmost transparency. With these objectives in mind, a meeting was held in Pianoro at the group’s headquarters, during which the framework agreement was handed over to suppliers contracted to carry out mechanical processes for the company. This agreement extends the purchase conditions already defined in orders and published on Marchesini’s website. Rita Tunioli, Director of the Logistics and Purchasing department of the Marchesini Group explains: “This framework agreement states and confirms the “assignment rules”, the rules for reading drawings, those for consignments, packaging and so forth, plus the topic of special processes is dealt with too, which involves anything that is not standard. With regard to pieces that in some way come into contact with the customer’s active product, certain suffixes are indeed added to the drawings so that workers are able to pay special attention to them immediately”. Suppliers have therefore been given the technical specifications related to the various special processes currently envisaged so that everyone involved is able to proceed in a certain manner and so that it is possible to trace the material and pay the attention required to handle the piece using the appropriate uncontaminated tools. To conclude, in 2013, Marchesini will start an auditing process c/o the suppliers’ facilities.