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The one thousandth cartoner model BA400 leaves Marchesini!

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04-04, 2013
An important achievement was celebrated yesterday at the headquarters of Marchesini. The one thousandth unit of the most famous cartoning machine model BA400 of the Marchesini Group was consigned to a Chinese customer of a well-known multinational Pharma enterprise. From the 80’s to date, this machine has travelled the world, winning the appreciation of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, thanks to its reliability and ergonomic design; the machine is the outcome of an impressive construction technology and ongoing sectorial research. Multinational enterprises and small and medium companies across the world have indeed chosen to work with the BA400, and continue doing so, to package a wide array of products: from blisters, to vials, from bottles to aerosol containers and syringes for the pharmaceutical market, but also hair colouring kits and cream tubes for the cosmetic industry, not to forget chocolate in its various shapes and sizes and other foodstuffs.

On this special occasion, the Chinese delegation of the company that purchased the BA400 number 1000, in addition to a complete blister line, was received by the founder of the Group, Massimo Marchesini, assisted by the Technical Director, Giuseppe Monti, who designed the BA400 and Giancarlo Nicolasi, who was the first technician that assembled the first machine. Present were also Roberto Tusberti, Director of the MG Chinese Foreign Division, and Leonardo Ercolani, Area Sales Manager in charge of “Marchesini Group Shangai”.