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The video interview of Maurizio Marchesini discussing how the Group remains successful in times of crisis

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01-20, 2012
The Marchesini Group. A company that is still growing despite times of crisis”. This is the title of the video interview filmed by Videodimpresa. Role leader, Mr. Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of the Marchesini Group.  “Are there really companies that are still growing despite these times of crisis? Yes, indeed there are, and the Marchesini Group is one of them”. This is the query with which the video interview starts, in which Maurizio Marchesini illustrates his company and its distinctive features: high technology, utmost reliability and enormous attention to customer needs. In this interview, the Group’s CEO also recollects some interesting aspects of his business, without hiding the problems that the company faces each day on the international marketplace and what solutions it implements to overcome them.