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Track & Trace of pharmaceuticals: a Seminar organised by Marchesini Germany is about to take off

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05-31, 2013
The two-day seminar will focus on the topic of serialization and how to solve the problems that are arising following application of standards according to which the entire pharmaceutical production and supply chain shall be regulated and tracked. These are very important topics on which all the pharmaceutical companies around the world are strongly concentrated, including those in Germany; in fact, within the next two years, they will have to decide which system they will implement to comply with the standards currently being approved. The purpose of the seminar is to understand what these new regulations entail, and which are the best systems available that companies should choose to adapt their production plants to them. There will be spokesmen from the legislative world and representatives of major producers of printing, control and Track & Trace systems. The Agenda includes speeches of Dieter Mossner (Edelmann Group), who is the Vice Chairman of the Committee for packaging norms, and who will discuss the EU Tamper Evident Directive. Paul Rupp (Securpharm), will illustrate the results of a pilot project in Germany on the serialisation of cartons; Dirk Dickfiedl (Meliscout) will talk about end-of-line serialisation aspects; Jan Hessing (REA), will deal with the topic of print optimisation in detail, by illustrating a typical case in China; Marcus Pabsch (MT – PCE) will talk about the integration of systems towards ERP networks; Hendrik Kneusels (Laetus) will analyse the economic impact of the integration of the systems on production lines and, to end, Luigi Carrioli (Sea Vision) will illustrate the advantages and the importance of efficient synergies between vision systems and production lines. Following the legislative and theoretic part, a live demonstration will be given on some machines designed specifically for this purpose: BL400VTETT – The most complete and fastest carton labelling machine of its category: it allows 2D codes (Datamatrix) and human readable data to be printed on the top panel and side flaps of the carton, complete with quality control via camera, and application of a vignette and two Tamper Evident labels on the carton. BL300VTT – Medium speed carton labelling machine. Compact and suitable for integration on existent lines, it is used to be able to print 2D codes (Datamatrix) and human readable data on the top panel and side flaps of the carton, complete with quality control via camera and application of a vignette. Counting line for solid products in bottles, fully equipped with track and trace systems, made up of: RE202 – High speed labelling machine for round or shaped bottles, used to be able to print 2D codes (Datamatrix) and human readable data, and to apply one or more labels on the bottles, as well as pre-folded adhesive booklets (Outsert) MCV850 – Top load casepacker designed to integrate the 2D Datamatrix code printing systems and relevant camera controllers along all the production lines. These are just some of the many solutions available on the topic of serialisation that the Marchesini Group is able to provide with its “Track and Trace” systems: innovative and flexible solutions that are able to accommodate the pharmaceutical serialisation software produced by the most important firms of the industry. They are the perfect answer, on one hand, for the legal requirements on this topic, for both new machines and for existent packaging lines, and, on the other, for the real production requirements of pharmaceutical producers. For further information on the event, please contact: Info-@-Marchesini-dot-de