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Versatile and reliable: the WR washing machine

Product news
01-13, 2010
A cutting edge machine for cleaning the inside and outside of primary liquid pharmaceutical containers such as ampoules, vials and cartridges. Its name is WR, the updated version of the washing machine produced by Corima that processes up to 400 pieces per minute for 2ml ampoules and that complies with the highest of quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry. With the latest version of the renowned washing machine model WR, Corima confirms its founding business policy: that of producing innovative machines suitable for the specific requirements of the market, focusing on constant renewal and improvement.
Let’s take a look at the features and advantages of the machine in detail.
The standard cleaning cycle of the machine comprises 8 stations that clean the inside of the containers and 4 stations that clean the outside. The supply sequence of the utilities in the cleaning stations can be freely configured in order to increase the efficiency of the cleaning process itself and to obtain the conditions of repeatability required to validate the process.
The model of the latest generation is a machine with continuous motion; the main drives – or rather those for transporting the containers and for handling the spraying needles of the utilities – are controlled by servo-motors. This solution has been adapted to be able to manage the parameters related to size changing through programs saved on the control system; this minimizes all the size changing operations, which merely involve the replacement of the screw and star wheels for selecting, loading and unloading the primary containers.
Among the new features added after updating this machine worth a special mention are the mechanical solutions adopted to manage the movements of the needles and the new protection booth, which enables easy access in total safety from any point of the machine.
The machine supplies and manages compressed air, water for injectables, recycled water and, where necessary, an aerosol of silicon oil with dedicated circuits and equipped with a number of controls that can be personalised based on the customer’s specific needs.
The machine’s control system offers the possibility to save the supply time of the individual utilities within the parameters of the processing programs in order to optimise the cleaning processes and to minimise the costly consumption of water for injectable use.
Special care has been taken in the choice of all the constructional materials as well as the suppliers of components that come into contact with the process fluids, so that the documents and certificates issued with the machine supply meet the requirements imposed by regulatory authorities in full.
Last but not least, the machine is offered with various optional solutions, among which are the loading tank for the ultrasonic pre-washing of the primary containers, drying of the washing water supply hoses by means of compressed air and silicon treatment of the containers prior to the depyrogenation process in the tunnels installed downstream from the machine.