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03-10, 2017

The mission of the Marchesini Group is to design and build stand-alone machines and customised lines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Since Massimo Marchesini assembled his first cartoning machine in a garage back in 1974, from a local business, the Group has turned into a “compact” multinational enterprise, thanks to mergers and take-overs of complementary companies. Today, the Marchesini Group caters for the whole packaging process of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, from start to finish. It creates stand-alone machines and complete lines to package products such as vials, syringes, carpules, bottles and blisters through to putting the individual products into bundles, cases and on pallets.

The Group, which registered a consolidated turnover of 297 million Euro in 2016, is presently among the top four worldwide leaders of automatic pharmaceuticals and cosmetics packaging machines. Marchesini employs 1,200 people in Italy and abroad and is one of the reference companies for the “Packaging Valley” of the Emilia-Romagna region, as well as being an international enterprise.

In order to better oversee international markets, the Marchesini Group avails of 35 agencies, which together with 12 foreign subsidiaries and a foreign associate company, represent the Group in over 68 countries worldwide. 85% of the Group’s turnover is generated by exports, with important peaks in Europe, China, the USA and Latin America.

Even though the Marchesini Group has extended its foreign sales and after-sales networks, its true strength is that all the machines and systems are produced in Italy. This guarantees top made-in-Italy product quality, as well as enhancing relations with local businesses. In addition to its own factories, it works with a solid and extensive network of sub-suppliers, mainly technical facilities and small businesses specialising in quality machining services to produce most of the components used to make the machinery. Everything is then subsequently assembled at the headquarters in Pianoro. On the one hand, its widespread presence across the world optimises its response to customer needs and on the other it concentrates production in its own factories and those of sub-suppliers in Italy, leveraging the variables of the district’s economy to increase production efficiency and to maximise the positive effects on the area.