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Are we on Track?

01-15, 2015

Insiders call it “Directive 62/2011”; a mere three years have gone by since the European Parliament implemented it to create a standard capable of preventing counterfeit pharmaceuticals from getting into the marketplace of member states.

Actions against the counterfeiting of important products, as our medicines, involve a long-standing and complex battle that each country tackles directly based on its down market, on the types of companies working there and on its own culture. The final goal is however always the same for all: the need to create a sort of “pedigree” for pharmaceuticals, or, in other words, a virtual memory of each phase of the production and packaging process, from batching through to pallet closure, in order to monitor each single step. This is the only way to guarantee maximum security of the quality of the pharmaceuticals sold and used each day by millions of Europeans.

These are hot topics for pharmaceutical industrialists and they will be discussed on January 29th at the congress centre Skogshem & Wijkdi in Lidingö, this location in central Sweden has been chosen by the journalist of the Nordic Journal of Chemistry&Biotechnology Maria Eriksson for a seminar entitled Are we on Track? There will be 150 guests at the one-day forum, among which some of the top experts of the sector.

There will be workshops to talk about Track & Trace and Serialisation standards, as well as the technologies used by packaging companies to monitor the chain of the product’s value with the aim to pinpoint a mutual line to follow so that European Pharmaceutical traceability may become as uniform as possible.


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