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Marchesini Group, a positive ending to 2010 and a new foreign company in China

02-25, 2011

2010 ended rather well for Marchesini Group, confirming its leadership in the industry of automatic packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Last year, the Group did indeed consolidate and even improve the excellent results of 2009, which was one of the most profitable years in the history of Marchesini Group: a particularly positive outcome considering the global context in which the worldwide economy was still affected quite heavily by the economic crisis.
Figures confirm our success: the consolidated turnover of 2010 was 180 million Euro (+1% compared to 2009), the overall portfolio of the Group was 95 million Euro (+2% compared to 2009), while orders received reached 146 million Euro (+11% compared to 2009).
And that’s not all. Last month in fact, the Group opened a new foreign company in Shanghai, China, “Marchesini Group Shanghai”. The Group has been investing in the Chinese market for years and has achieved impressive results: a turnover of 9.3 million Euro in 2010 (compared to 4.8 million Euro in 2009) and orders in 2011 worth five and a half million.