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Marchesini Group opens the Russian branch of "Marchesini Group Rus" LLC in Moscow

11-03, 2015

This year, the Pharmtech trade show (Crocus Expo IEC from 24th to 27th November) will be the promoter venue for the important inauguration of a new branch of the Marchesini Group in Moscow. The commercial strategy is to strengthen the Group’s presence in Russia.  

On the 1st of January 2016, the new facilities will be opened, not only to reinforce the Group’s partnerships on the Russian marketplace, but also to further satisfy the local growing demand for innovative technical solutions manufactured by Marchesini Group.

Once these facilities have been inaugurated and are well-oiled, they will guarantee a prompt and customised assistance service, capable of satisfying the needs of all customers. At the same time, some instruments will be developed in-house to analyse the objectives and the priorities of buyers of stand-alone machines and complete lines for packaging pharmaceuticals in great detail in order to create and consolidate long-term and trustworthy relationships with Russian partners. 

This customer-oriented strategy will of course be put into practice by our loyal team in Russia, who works for the representation agency I.E.S. International B.V., which has contributed over the last 30 years in giving the Marchesini brand a strong and reliable name in Russia. This team of experts, who have always worked in the pharmaceutical industry, will be directed by Sergey Ilyukhin, the new branch manager. In this way, there will be continuity with the past, but with the addition of young and modern focus on the future.


Sergey Ilyukhin

Sergey Ilyukhin