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The 2016 turnover of Marchesini Group leaps to 292 million. Take-over of Dumek in January

02-04, 2017

In 2016 Marchesini Group’s turnover leaped from 270 million to 292 million (+7% compared with 2015). On the whole, the Group’s consolidated turnover has grown by 62% over the last 6 years through to almost hitting the 300 million Euro mark.

78% of the turnover is generated by exports all over the world, among which is a super packaging line of a revolutionary diabetes patch at the American multinational enterprise Abbott Laboratories. Marchesini Group has also been very busy on the Italian market. Domestic orders have almost double compared with 2015; this is also thanks to the Neri division in Barberino del Mugello, where Track&Trace labelling machines are produced, in addition to the boom in orders for Corima (Siena), which produces aseptic pharmaceutical packaging machines, among which are many of the anti-cancer products currently on the marketplace.
“In 2016 again, we proved to be a solid company” the chairman Maurizio Marchesini emphasized while commenting on the figures of the turnover. “The recently appointed CEO, Pietro Cassani, will be of great help in additionally internationalising the Group and in reaching new targets of expansion, also through take-overs”.

“2016 ended excellently, but let’s look forward” Pietro Cassani said. “Marchesini has an incredibly important year ahead; it is the year in which the company should hopefully exceed the 300 million turnover mark. To achieve this goal, we have to keep being the best producer of packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and branch out further and better in the cosmetic sector, especially in countries with growing entrance barriers, such as the USA and Asia, but also Europe, where this market should grow firmly over the next 3 years”.