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The Marchesini Group: a growth of 11% in turnover in 2014 and new investments made in the pharmaceutical packaging market

01-22, 2015

In a rather unstable economic context, that of 2014, the results of the Marchesini Group went totally against the flow and especially against the trends of the manufacturing market. The consolidated turnover of the Group (including its foreign branches), which manufactures packaging plants for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, 
rose from 222 million in 2013 to 247 million, hence an 11% increase

The growth in turnover recorded during a year that was not exactly a flourishing one for the Italian economy (whose GDP was still showing a negative figure of -0,4%), is also due to the trend of the Italian pharmaceutical market: still awaiting the official figures of 2014, those published by Italy’s Office for National Statistics and the Bank of Italy have highlighted that pharmaceutical enterprises are in the top position of Italian manufacturing in terms of competitiveness, productivity, R&S intensity and exports. In 2013, Italian exports grew by 14% and by 64% over the last five years as opposed to the +7% of the manufacturing average and the +29% of the pharmaceutical average within the European Union.

The Group’s growth in turnover matches its excellent performance in gathering orders, with a rise to 217 million compared with the 189 million of two years ago (+15%). The rise in the number of customer orders is thanks above all to the increased demand for aseptic packaging machinery for anti-cancer drugs, which is one of the fastest growing sectors of recent years (900 million was the turnover of 2011, 1.5 billion is that expected for 2018 according to survey carried out by MarketsandMarkets), thanks to contracts received especially from Russia, Eastern countries and China.