Growing Younger

For us, growing up doesn’t mean getting old. It means constantly striving for innovation, being as passionate as a beginner, and thereby, growing younger day-by-day.


We work through a method based on collaboration, experience and determination, creating an ecosystem of products and values made in Italy: our business cluster formula represents the excellence of the
Italian Packaging Valley.


We look at every single part of our workflow as the most important:
because research is nothing without testing, testing is useless
without development, development can even be damaging without a goal.
Every year we create innovative solutions that become
the highest standards of excellence in robotics and technology.


Innovation is something we want to get daily, that’s why we believe
that young people, fresh brains and new points of view are the best investment ever to pursue the Growing Younger philosophy.


We have made a pact with our territory and the people who make it up.
A pact that protects and feeds our industrial ecosystem made in Italy
to continue along a common path to generate innovation.


Knowing perfectly what we want to be gives us a clear vision of what
we need to build a better future: constant training, young creative people and senior supervisors are the pillars of our Growing Younger approach.