1974 -  Massimo Marchesini, a specialised technician in the construction of automatic machinery, decides to set up his own company, called 2M. This goal is made possible by Mr. Marchesini's collaboration with a young draftsman named Giuseppe Monti, a technical expert from the motorcycle industry.

- The first intermittent-motion cartoner is made. Following the establishment of Generalmac, run by his son Maurizio, the company enters the packaging sector, producing the first sachet filling machine for packaging powders and the first tube filling machine, which packages effervescent tablets in rigid tubes.

 - To meet the growing demands of the pharmaceutical market, which starts to request increasingly fast packaging lines, Marchesini launches the first continuous-motion cartoner made by the joint venture between Marchesini and Monti. The design features highly original technical solutions, adapted from motorcycle mechanics: oil bath motors, innovative guards enhancing extreme machine reliability and safety. A special company, M80, is created to produce this new series of machines. 

1980 - 1996
 - Marchesini consolidates its presence in the primary packaging industry: in 1985, with the acquisition of Gamma in Carpi, specialising in the blister packaging sector and the year after, the Group enters the liquid filling sector. In 1989, all the companies join together to set up one major enterprise: the Marchesini Group S.p.A. Between 1993 and 1996, the Group takes over Smabo (one of the top manufacturers of wrapping machines) Packservice (specialising in manufacturing automatic machines for strips and end-of-line) and Tonazzi, a pioneer in the field of tube fillers.

2000 - 2003
 - As of the new millennium, the expansion process continues with the acquisition of a majority stake of Farcon, a leader in the production of deep-draw thermoformers, CNC, a company specialising in the design and construction of complex cutters and moulds, and Teamac, which produces machines that package tea into bags. In 2003, the Group takes over Corima, a long-standing producer of lines for processing ampoules and syringes. The Marchesini Group becomes the only group in the world capable of supplying its customers with complete syringe lines, from filling to palletising.

2003 - 2009 - In 2004, Vasquali S.r.l. joins the Group. The Milan-based company specialises in the production of counting machines. In October of the same year, the new Group headquarters is inaugurated in Pianoro before the Chairman of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Hon. Casini. A week-long Open House follows the inauguration and more than 2000 customers from around the world take part.

In 2006, the Group sells more than 100 lines in just one year. In 2008, after thirty years of partnership, the Marchesini Group acquires 100% of Neri, a leader in the production of machines that apply self-adhesive labels on an extensive range of products and sterilisation systems. In the same year, an Open House is organised to inaugurate the new factory of Corima. An overall investment of over 7 million Euro for a modern and functional factory of 6,000 square meters.

The network of foreign agencies is extended in countries and zones such as Maghreb, Middle East, Carib territory and India. Technical culture and a fine-tailored approach are exported also to emerging countries.

2010 - Two top events of the year in October: extension of the factory for the Group’s logistic activities and a 5-day Open House. The event is an opportunity to present the technological trends of the future; the most innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging industries, focusing on topics such as robotics, sterile processing applications and tamper-evident technologies.

2012 - The Marchesini Group takes over the pharmaceutical and cosmetic division of PRB: the acquisition includes technologies for secondary packaging (wrappers, case packers, cartoners and palletizers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products).

2013 - The Marchesini Group inaugurates a new facility opposite the corporatate Headquarters. The opening event is attended by 2,500 people, including employees, families and local and international authorities. The new factory is built on an area of over 5,400 square meters and is set up to assemble the individual lines of the Group, thus improving the productive organization. Its investment is worth 7.5 million Euro.

2014 - To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its foundation, the Marchesini Group organises its first Open Factory at its headquarters in Pianoro. Customers come from all over the world to be escorted along the line of machines designed and created starting from an idea of a new concept of factory; this business view aims at a rationalised production policy and consequently a more efficient one, thanks to a refurbished logistic department, a new and highly technological automatic warehouse, and above all to the physical division of stand-alone machines and lines, in order to shorten production times and speed up consignments. The tour starts at the new Growing Younger Museum, which recollects forty years of history, and continues along 23 complete lines and 200 stand-alone machines, alongside some new solutions already available in the marketplace.

In October, the Marchesini Group organises the first Aseptic Live Show at Corima’s factory in Monteriggioni (Siena). This event is the opportunity to open the doors of Corima to professionals of this industry. This branch of the Group specialises in the design and production of automatic aseptic pharmaceutical packaging machines; an announcement is also made that Corima’s factory will be expanded thanks to an investment worth 3.5 million Euro. This will also create 50 more job opportunities in addition to the 100 staff members employed there today.

 - The Group’s consolidated turnover (including foreign branches) grows from 222 million Euro in 2013 to 247 million in 2014 (+11%). Revenue growth goes hand in hand with its excellent performance in winning orders, which from 189 million in 2013 have risen to 217 million (+15%). This increase is above all due to the growing demand for aseptic anti-cancer pharmaceutical packaging machines received from Russia, Eastern countries and China.

In May, CEO Maurizio Marchesini lays the foundation stone of the Group’s future facilities in Carpi. 15 million Euro are invested in this new factory, which is to be opened officially in October 2016. It will become the biggest Italian hub where all thermoforming plants will be manufactured.

In 2015, an investment plan entitled Blisterevolution gets underway, involving business, products and technology. The operation, previewed worldwide at the Achema trade show in Frankfurt, is backed by investments that will materialize in the inauguration of the new factory in Carpi, where cutting-edge robotic integrated blister lines will be created, among which the Integra 520 V. Here, new infeed solutions for pills in blisters will also be developed and size-composition studies will be implemented, thanks to a new rapid prototyping process developed at the facilities of Calderino.

In June, Marchesini takes over a branch of Multipack, a company in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) specialising in end-of-line packaging systems for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs. On July 1st, the Group starts to manufacture machines based on the knowhow of Multipack, among which is a new version of the carton bander/bundler FA 04.

In order to focus on its core business, the Group decides to sell its Teamac business division in Budrio (Bologna), which manufactures tea bag packaging solutions.

An announcement is made in November concerning the inauguration of the new head offices in Moscow, which is handed over from an existent structure. This new business will boost the commercial partnerships with the Russian market that has thirty years of business behind it. The operation will speed up technical transaction times involved in purchasing machines and will guarantee a prompt and customised assistance service. Another two branches are to be opened in Poland and Ukraine, aiming at boosting the customer care networks in Eastern countries.

In 2015 the Marchesini Group pursued its social responsibility commitment by sustaining the economic, social and cultural development of the areas in which it works: on the whole it designated around 229,000 Euro, thus distributed: social development (23%), cultural development (21%), sport (8%), health (33%), education (15%).

 - The Marchesini Group’s Code of Ethics is published on January 1st 2016. The Code puts its values and good business practice concepts into writing, which since 1974 have lead to creating the Group’s current well-known identity in Italy and abroad. It is thanks to these principles that the Marchesini Group has never been just a mere company in Pianoro which manufactures pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machinery, but a true role model for business and relations with stakeholders. Finally, the Code better organises the various activities of Corporate Social Responsibility that the Group has always promoted and developed over the years.

The Marchesini Group hits a 9% rise in turnover, which from 247 million Euro in 2014 leaps to 270 million in 2015. This result is also thanks to orders received from markets that are still unstable but growing, such as Algeria, Iran, Ukraine and Myanmar.

The multinational enterprise, Abbott Laboratories, commissions the Marchesini Group to create an impressive line capable of packaging the new and revolutionary FLASH FreeStyle Libre Glucose monitoring system. The outcome is an absolutely unique machine, which thanks to the use of cutting-edge robotics, can improve the efficiency of all the stations, from those upstream that feed the trays with the applicators and plasters, to those that trace the product downstream through to the final palletizing step. This incredible partnership is celebrated in February with the event entitled “Innovation for health and Italian manufacturing”. The event is a great success in terms of attendees and the media coverage.

The Marchesini family and the Board of Directors of the Marchesini Group appoint Mr. Pietro Cassani (Engineer and former General Director of Sacmi) to become the new CEO of the business. The decision to extend the Group of managers derives from the will to continue growing in an ever-competitive marketplace and to enable the business to become even more organised, a greater market role-leader and even more efficient in customer care services.

At the end of October, the new production hub of the Marchesini Group in Carpi is inaugurated, with national and local authorities, as well as the employees of the Group. Standing on 14,000 square meters, it is the biggest Italian manufacturing hub of machines for thermoforming (a hot moulding technique for plastic materials used to create pharmaceutical blisters). Over 300 people were involved in building this factory, where the Group has invested 14 million Euro. 150 people will work at these facilities, plus another 50 in the future, mostly technicians and engineers from Carpi and Modena, who will be taken on in 2017.

- In 2016, turnover makes a major leap forward to 292 million from 270 million of 2015 (+7%). On the whole, consolidated turnover of the Group has grown by 62% over the last 6 years, reaching almost the threshold of 300 million Euro.

2017 starts with a “new entry” to the corporate organization. Dumek, a historical family-run business from Bologna specializes in designing and building processing and conditioning machines for the cosmetics industry. The vacuum turbo emulsifiers and melters of Dumek - used to produce  emulsions (creams, milks), serums, oils and balms, gels, lotions - will contribute to further completening the range of machines of the Marchesini Group and in boosting its business in the cosmetics market.