Blister & Farcon Division

Blister & Farcon Division
covers a surface of over 15,000 square meters. The new plant was inaugurated in October 2016 becoming the biggest production hub of thermoforming machinery in Italy, also thanks to an investiment of 14 million euro.

Marchesini’s blister traditional technologies for solid dosage and Farcon’s deep draw thermoformers technologies for medical devices (such as syringes, vials, ampoules) are now merged into one thermoforming facility: a modern and smart factory with industrial production rates but still with tailored products. Over 300 people were involved in the site’s construction over 14 months.

The technologies used will ensure energy from renewable sources and will minimise harmful emissions, covering 40% of its own energy requirements. Electricity is powered by solar panels and machines and generates energy which is converted into heat by an energy recycling system, permitting a completely emissions-free heating system. Each workplace has been created using only Made-in-Italy products.

Machines produced: Blister & Farcon Division specialises in deep draw thermoformers and blister packaging machines
Square meters: 15,052
Employees: 117
Plant Director: Mr. Raffaele Cisalpini

Contact number and fax
Phone: +39 059 7139011
Fax: +39 059 7139012