Blister Tooling Division

In 1985, a company in Carpi called “Gamma” was taken over by what was to become the Marchesini Group S.p.A. It was at this time that the future Marchesini Group started to consolidate its worldwide presence on the primary packaging marketplace. Thanks indeed to the acquisition of Gamma, Marchesini started to develop the first sizes for blister packaging machines.

As of the year 2000, the technologies and factories began to evolve. The 3-axis machines switched to having 5 axes in order to create an increasingly wide range of sizes, not just for the blister packagers but also for all the machines produced by the individual divisions of the Group. At the beginning of the new millennium, a new factory was inaugurated in Calderino (Bologna), covering 4,600 square meters, which concentrated on producing the thermoforming machines. 

Machines produced
: Blister Tooling Division specializes in making spare parts supplied to customers within 24 hours. It works with cutting-edge rapid prototyping systems.
Square meters: 4,600
Employees: 26
Plant Director: Mr. Pietro Rinaudo

Contact number and fax
Phone: +39 051 6761538
Fax: +39 051 6769185