Corima S.r.l.

In 1979, Franco Neri and Dario Anatrini decided to create a company of their own, following years of experience in a sector-branch division, starting with the production of machines in a small workshop. They initially concentrated on ampoule filling machines but soon expanded. Over time and with the addition of other shareholders - Aroldo Cappelletti and Mauro Pometti - their production has consolidated and the range of machines has diversified.

entered the Marchesini galaxy in 2008, allowing the Group to become the first company in the world to sell complete aseptic packaging lines. In 2014, during the Aseptic Live Show, where experts were given the opportunity to take a closer look at the company, the Group announced that the 6 thousand square meters of Corima’s factory (production and warehouse) were to become 10 thousand over the following years, thanks to an investment of 3.5 million Euro.

Corima’s hub has two structures: one is a triangular 2-storey office building and the other is a rectangular single storey building. The project was entrusted to an architect from Siena, Riccardo Butini, who merged performance and style into a concept of cleanliness and transparency, which is exactly how the Marchesini Group works.

Corima has always focused on satisfying customer requirements, offering experience, personal creativity and attentive customisation of the offer. 

Machines produced: Corima offers different models of machines, all of which are built according to the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry. These machines are able to process ampoules, cartridges and disposable syringes with a wide range of washing machines, sterilization tunnels with laminar air flow, ampoule fillers, syringe fillers and sealers, denesters, assembling machines of Safety Devices on disposable syringes and much more. Modern technology guarantees a 100% aseptic production process, which is fundamental for packaging pharmaceuticals, in particular anti-cancer drugs.
Square meters: 5,500
Employees: 86
Plant Director: Massimo Pannini

Phone contact and fax
Phone: +39 0577 1749011
Fax: +39 0577 318209