Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Marchesini Group AI Program

The third level of the AI Program entails Marchesini’s stand-alone machines and complete lines set up with the native advanced and modular software suite (YUDOO), which exploits real-time data transmission on UPC-UA protocol.

Created by the Group’s partner, SEA Vision, YUDOO incorporates various functions split up into packets that customers can select individually; depending on the information required, it provides complete information on the status, diagnostics, production meters and on overall performance. YUDOO helps customers to extract and elaborate a huge number of data that in the past were hidden within the production environment: they can be selected, interpreted and converted into information; this information will then be used in various environments, for example to improve the quality of the productive process by correcting in advance or finding the causes for drops in production and eliminate unscheduled idle times, by anticipating routine maintenance operations. YUDOO is configured as a user-friendly framework to improve the user experience on the line and offer a strategic tool for corporate Business Intelligence.

Discover more about YUDOO and SEA Vision by clicking HERE.