Linear filling and capping machine designed according to the highest technological standards, to guarantee the maximum productivity and quality. The container conveying system has an intermittent motion and is mechanically interfaced with the brush cap screwing device which has a continuous motion robotized driving system with brushless motors. Independent adjustment of container lifting device in filling station is driven by brushless motors, while the dosing adjustement of each channel can be set by display independently. Adjustment of all the machine components and cleaning happen from the operator’s side.

  • Infeed operation logic controlled by a PC provided with a colour liquid crystal display;
  • Direct infeed to the manifold of the dosing groups by means of an infeed hose coming from an outer pressurized tank;
  • Pressurized hopper with product pushing piston complete with a sensor for min. and max. load control;
  • Correct positioning control of containers loaded into conveying system;
  • Mechanical devices to control wiper presence, if any, on container;
  • Screwing system for brush caps with electropneumatic torque control;
  • Dosing system (hopper, manifold, filling valve housings, filling valves, pistons, cylinders and nozzles) can be transferred, still assembled, from the filling area to the washing and sterilization area by a suitable truck.


  • 120 strokes/minute max


  • Dosing range: from 3 to 34 ml  
  • Bottle size range:
  • Diameter from 10 to 30 mm  
  • Height (without cap) from 60 to 100 mm  
  • Height (with cap) from 70 to 150 mm  
  • Cap size range:
  • Diameter from 10 to 30 mm  
  • Brush height (h) from 0 to 90 mm  
  • Cap height (h1) from 20 to 60 mm  
  • NB: h+h1 = 150 mm max