RE302 New



Re 302 is an automatic rotary labelling machine used to apply self-adhesive or glued outsert labels that can be equipped with 1 to 2 labels dispensing heads, based on the machine model and on the diameter of the carousel installed. RE 302 is designed to position and label oval, shaped or cylindrical containers made of glass, plastic and/or metal at high speed. Built focusing on ergonomics, reducing the frame so that the operator can stand nearer all the heads installed on the machine and to ensure ease-of-access to be able to service, clean it and monitor the production flow.

Machine output: 300 pieces/min.



  • Unit built pursuant to cGMP standards;
  • Vial conveyor carousel produced in different versions: with different number of seats, on which the labelling, printing, inspection or handling operations can be carried out;
  • Minimum load photocell on the infeed and controller to avoid infeed overloads and to keep the flow of products to the scroll constant;
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments of the scroll with safety device and microswitch for machine stoppage;
  • Adjustment of the label position on 3 axes by means of handwheels with digital indicators;
  • Micrometric adjustment of the overprint position on the labels;
  • Maximum load control photocell on outlet;
  • Continuous speed adjustment from operator terminal;
  • Automatic synchronisation of the speed of all the brushless motors.