A new instrument to simplify and speed-up the control and management process of single machines and complete lines. Its name is Romeo and it is one of the new products developed by Marchesini Group presented during the Open House 2010
The idea of a wireless controller first and foremost came about with the aim to make size change-over operations easier. Thanks to Romeo’s touch-screen monitor, the operator can choose the machine on which the size is to be changed and set the codes of the old and new size to be processed. At this stage, Romeo totally self-sufficiently cross-checks the data entered and visually “translates” the instructions. Each value to be modified or each piece to be replaced appears graphically on the display, making it straightforward to identify the elements involved in the size change-over operations.

There’s more; the software also associates the image of a descriptive text in the case of uncertainties in interpreting the instructions, displaying the position of the element to be replaced or modified compared to the overall layout of the machine to make it easier to find it.
Romeo is now ready to allow the operator command the machine remotely to carry out certain size change-over operations, without having to intervene manually on the machine or having to set anything on the control panel of the system itself.
In brief, the advantages of Romeo related to size change-over operations are consequently the following: operational rapidity, reduction in possible errors, possibility to reduce the number of operators in charge of size change-over operations, possibility to employ even unskilled operators for size change-over operations and possibility to monitor the time dedicated to size change-over operations precisely, thanks to the timing function that can be set. All this is offered from a portable instrument that is easy to use and update and that can always be customised.

As well as being an interactive guide to size change-over operations, Romeo is also a wireless line control instrument. Based on the same visual translation system of the information involved, the operator can check the status of the line and of the individual machines making it up from the touch-screen monitor. A visual colour screen does indeed show the conditions of the system (stopped, running or in stand-by) and indicates production progress for each single machine.
In addition to the basic line control procedures, Romeo also allows the operator to intervene directly on the machines. Simply by pressing the remote management button on the touch-screen monitor of Romeo, the operator can stop, reset and start-up the machines again.
The operator can also import functions from the control panel of the machine directly on Romeo’s screen. It is therefore possible to set all the fundamental production parameters remotely. The advantages are consequently: possibility to increase production by minimizing trouble-shooting, adjustment and shutdown times; possibility to reduce the number of operators in charge of managing complex lines; possibility to simplify the management of all lines, even more complex ones.