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09-23, 2019
The Marchesini Group - together with its partner and co-exibitor SEA Vision - will take part in P-MEC Europe, part of CPhI Worldwide, from 5th to 7th November. The machine on show at Stand 110D60 is a SV model designed by CMP PHAR.MA, a new company of the Marchesini Group. The SV is a semi-automatic machine for the inspection of liquid, lyophilized or powder products in ampoules, vials and cartridges or pre-filled syringes. It is equipped with brushless motors for fast rotation (before inspection) and slow rotation (during inspection) to guarantee complete and efficient product control. The containers are conveyed to the inspection station where the operator inspects them through a magnifying lens. The rejected products are automatically collected in trays.

The machine can operate in line with other units or factory-set to be loaded and unloaded in trays with customized dimensions. It can be configured as multiple inspection stations placed sequentially or in parallel according to the customer’s requirements.

Capacity ranges from 1 ml to 1,000 ml; the machine can handle up to 100 pieces per minute.

In 1982, CMP was the first in the world to launch automatic laser inspection machines for vials. From then, CMP has continued to grow and today is one of the leading brands for inspection technologies.

Following the CMP acquisition in December 2018, the Marchesini Group has confirmed its name as manufacturer of complete lines for producing and monitoring the whole pharmaceutical packaging process, from start to finish, thanks also to the Group’s partner, SEA Vision, which also participated in the CMP transaction.

“P-MEC Europe will be the occasion to showcase at an international fair our Made in Italy technology for the inspection of pharmaceutical products" said Luigino Pilastro, General Manager of CMP PHAR.MA. "The appointment is at our stand, where our technical experts will be on hand to illustrate our products and strategies for the future".

The Marchesini stand at P-MEC Europe will host a "Live Assistance" corner. It will allows expert Marchesini operators to see what is happening in real-time on the customer’s machine thanks to the use of AR glasses (or similar devices) and provide specific and exact instructions to the technician on site.

Another opportunity is a specific function of the SW installed on the machine to set the operator panel (HMI) in remote mode via a safe connection channel. This is the so-called “Teleservice Assistance”, thanks to which an expert MG operator can work on the operator panel directly from his desk without having to be physically on site.

Together, these two systems offer advanced and complete technological solutions to assist customers and offer them the fastest assistance possible