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03-08, 2018

500 pulses per minute

The MA 500 cartoner is the pulsing heart of the robotic line Integra 520 V and our Top-of-the-range for packaging pharmaceutical blisters. A mere 10 meters long, it includes the thermoforming section, the Robocombi robotic blister infeed arm and the actual cartoner itself.

If you think of the thermoformer as the mind of Integra and Robocombi as its moving arm, the MA 500 is its endless source of energy. Every single part has been devised by our R&D laboratory to be able to manage incredibly fast production speeds: 500 cartons a minute or, if you prefer, 30 thousand cartons an hour.

A combination of technologies and Italian design 

The cartoning section is a combination of extremely high-tech robotic technologies: an innovative patented pusher, a drum-type carton opener to manage very high rates and a new leaflet pick-up and insertion unit. The overall "Made in Italy" design confers a lean and elegant work zone.The high-capacity drum of the cartoning unit that picks the cartons up from the magazine and opens them out is ergonomically and strategically installed under the product flow area. It is precise and secure even at top production speeds and not even one single carton is damaged. 

The cartons are taken to the conveyor, which holds and controls them securely in absolute silence. The leaflet infeed too is silent, thanks to the positive cycloid pick-up movement, which ensures precise leaflet transfer to the pusher. Once the leaflet has been inserted, the blister is added impeccably to the carton by two separate blade/pusher units, which ensure precision even at high speeds.

Although the process is quite complex, the maintenance requirements of the MA 500 are simple and safe. The units are raised automatically via a simple command on the display when the machine needs cleaning or servicing. All the size-parts are designed in blocks to speed-up and simplify size change-over operations even for inexpert operators.