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09-19, 2018
From October 23rd to 26th, the Marchesini Group will be at Scanpack, the most important Northern Europe packaging exhibition, where the Group will present the DUMEK cosmetic processing brand. Vacuum turbo-emulsifiers TURBO-MEK by DUMEK are designed to process liquid and creamy products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in particular emulsions (cream/milk products), serums, oils and balms, gels and lotions.

The model on show at the fair is a TURBO-MEK with a 25-liter capacity, designed specifically for laboratory instruments and small-scale production.

Technical Specifications

The core of the vacuum turbo-emulsifiers is the vessel, where the raw materials are treated until the finished product is obtained. The vessel is equipped to load the raw materials, to unload the final product and to check the process.

All the essential functions (temperature and vacuum control, vessel movements) are commanded from the control panel, developed in house with DUMEK technology. In addition, DUMEK’s “SCRIBA” software records the working parameters.

The bulk is processed through the combined action of two independent and complementary movements:
1) slow mixing: having a coaxial movement that continuously moves the bulk and favours heat exchange by means of the scrapers;
2) fast mixing action: consisting of the homogenizing group.

The coaxial slow mixer is recommended for processing highly viscous products.

The emulsifying group on the bottom of the vessel, made up of a turbine - stator and rotor - ensures the product is rapidly and thoroughly homogenised. A universal turbine - stator and helix rotor 3-blade shaped - is suitable for a wide range of products.

The products are loaded by a valve on the cover to add the ingredients by means of the vacuum created inside the autoclave. There is a hopper on the cover for loading auxiliary substances, such as essences, colouring solutions, active ingredients, scents, etc.

The autoclave is equipped with a drain valve that can be connected to a discharge pump as an option.
The vessel is hermetically sealed and can reach 80mBar at 20°C by means of the vacuum pump. The vacuum process prevents air from getting trapped in the product due to the turbulence inside the autoclave. Furthermore, the vacuum is used to load the liquids and powders into the autoclave through its valves.

The product temperature is controlled (with PID system) by a probe on the bottom of the vessel, both during the heating phase and the cooling phase.

The process can be checked through a sight glass equipped with glass-wiper located on the cover in a handy position to observe the process without having to stop and open the autoclave, for sampling and additives. There is also a timed lighting system for better internal inspection.

In addition to the electrical Safety Devices that protect the machine functions, all the operator Safety Devices required by current EC regulations are provided.