ACRAF Angelini

“Every pharmaceutical company must not only develop, produce and market medicines and products for the health and well-being of their customers, but must also engage on a social level to promote improvement in the quality of life for everyone, especially more vulnerable categories”.

This is the philosophy of ACRAF – short for Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini Francesco (Angelini Francesco Joint Chemical Companies) - one of Italy’s top five pharmaceutical companies in terms of sales – which produces and distributes, domestically and internationally, products for health and well-being. Thanks to specialist skills and intensive research, the Group, established in 1919 in Ancona, can provide innovative, effective high quality solutions for health and well-being needs.

It is an important company which for years has worked with Marchesini Group, a leader in the production of machines and lines for pharmaceutical packaging which use state-of-the-art customised technological solutions.

Some figures and history.

Guided by Chairman Francesco Angelini, grandson of the founder, today ACRAF is a leading Italian company operating in the pharmaceutical sector in Italy and abroad. The Angelini group also operates in the babies’ nappies and sanitary towel sector in a joint venture with Procter & Gamble. The figures speak for themselves: the group has almost 2500 employees and annual sales of approx. 1000 million euros. Group products range from prescription-only medicines used to treat pain, for neuropsychiatry, gynaecology, antibiotic therapy and cold-related illnesses, to over the counter medicines (Tachipirina), and those for home cures (Moment, Momendol, Tantum Verde, phytotherapeutic products and food supplements), from medical – surgical medicines (Amuchina, Farmamed line), to well-being (Lines, Linidor, Pampers brand sanitary towels and nappies).

The company started out in 1919 as a small pharmaceutical laboratory in Ancona, and in less than two decades the founder, Francesco Angelini, transformed it into a leading presence in the industry. 1940 saw the establishment of A.C.R.A.F., whose main business is the production and distribution of medicines. The Group enjoyed a great deal of success in subsequent years, first under Igino Angelini and then Francesco, respectively the son and grandson of the founder. Over the years the company grew significantly, becoming an important business at international level.

The secret of its success? Research, development and top quality products for well-being, but above all a business philosophy that combines tradition and the principles of the family run business with a modern entrepreneurial approach, involving delegation, initiative, teamwork and focusing on results.

Acraf - Marchesini: a solid relationship for successful projects

The relationship between Acraf and Marchesini Group was established in the mid-1970s, as explained by engineer Marco Garofoli of the Acraf Production Technologies Department. “The first item delivered – said Garofoli – was a special spoon feed unit. Since then, the relationship continued into the 1990s, above all with the purchase of Neri systems. During the subsequent years, Marchesini Group made a syrup filling – capping machine for us, a sachet packaging system (MS 235 + BA90), an ML662 filling machine and an MA155 cartoner for a drops packaging line. We also purchased an ointment packaging line, consisting of a Tonazzi Millennium 2002 tube filler and a MA357 cartoner with a robotised system for feeding nozzles into the carton, not forgetting the Neri vignette and labelling machines”. It has been a solid, continuous lasting relationship with the two companies working together on major projects. The last of these, in 2006, was a sachet line for packaging Tachifludec, a medicine which combats the symptoms of flu and colds, and other Acraf products in sachets such as Tachipirina, Tachidol, Nimesulide: as well as the powder feed unit, two latest-generation MS235 sachet form/fill/seal machines, a special intermittent/continuous connection unit, an MA302 continuous-motion cartoner. “The project – explained Garofoli – required a significant increase in sachet packaging capacity which brought a 167% increase compared with the existing Marchesini sachet line, although we still use the latter alongside the new line. Also, we had to contain the dust levels generated by our packaged product, Tachifludec, obtained by mixing without pelletising”.

Marchesini Group satisfied this requirement with a machine that allows the powder to be dosed directly into the sachet after the sachet has been sealed on three sides: a system certified in compliance with the regulations in force governing protection from the risk of explosion. There are many reasons to be happy with a project like this. “In this project and in others – concluded Garofoli – we appreciated Marchesini Group “dynamism” from a design viewpoint, in terms of both innovation and customisation of the systems supplied. Marchesini can provide complete “turnkey” solutions with extremely high technology content. Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the “family” feeling at Marchesini Group premises – something Acraf shares – which makes the exchange of information for complex projects and any problem solving easy”.

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