Italfarmaco - Madrid

“Constant growth and improvement”.

This is the motto of the Spanish division of Italfarmaco – an Italian Group renowned world-wide for its production of medicines for treating a variety of disorders – based in Alcobendas, Madrid.

This major company employs around 600 people – of which 400 in the sales division – and its premises are modern buildings covering approximately 17 thousand square metres, divided into the administrative, sales and production sectors. The production area has 4 thousand square metres and uses modern technologies. There are 70 people working here, making 55 million bottles a year, divided into 70 different types of medicines (for specific treatment areas: respiratory, gynaecological, dermatological, neurological, bone), for sale on the domestic and international markets.

“The company was established in 1991 in the area to the north of Madrid – explained Pablo Carretero, Industrial Director of Italfarmaco Madrid – and right from the start invested in a modern industrial plant and cutting edge technology so that it could continue growing, keeping up with the times. The company, which has always specialised in the production of liquid medicines, is a contract manufacturer for around thirty leading multinational clients and partly because of this strong vocation it has invested heavily in research and development”.

Marchesini for Italfarmaco: together for an important project

The company is really moving forward, linked to a new project. “For a couple of years – Pablo Carretero told us – we have been developing a project for the production of solid medicines. For a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer which has always specialised in liquid filling, making the change to include production and packaging of solid products is a big step, which required changes in terms of validation, production and personnel training.

There were also new demands in terms of packaging machinery for the new medicines, which involved Marchesini Group, with which we have done business for several years, and which proved an important factor for us”. Marchesini Group put its experience designing and making pharmaceutical packaging machinery at the service of the Spanish company in this process for the development of a new production sector.

Reliable machines… and support

The partnership between Italfarmaco Madrid and Marchesini Group was established in 2000 thanks to an initial project: the supply of a complete bottle line, able to produce 6 thousand bottles/hour. “The line – explained Josè Todolì, of STE Madrid, the Marchesini Group agency of which Italfarmaco is a direct customer – consists of a bottle unscrambler, a Neri air jet table, an ML615 liquid filling machine, an ML625 capping machine, a Neri SL200 1T labeller, an MA155 cartoner and a PS510 case packer.

A complete line, capable of satisfying the company’s production requirements”. The success of the first liquid line led to doubling of the department; a new liquid line is at the delivery stage right now. “The new feature compared with the previous line – explained Todolì – is that the liquid filling machine is no longer the rotary type. It’s linear: an important aspect which has provided the company with effective solutions. The line consists of a bottle unscrambler, a ML662 liquid filling machine, a Neri SL200 labeller, an MA155 cartoner and an MC820 casepacker”. Instead, for the solids project, Marchesini Group this year supplied Italfarmaco with a complete sachet form-fill-seal line, with a speed of 1200 sachets/minute, consisting of two MS235 sachet form-fill-sealers, an MA80 cartoner and an MC820 case packer.

“Italfarmaco – said Todolì – is a company which makes a variety of high quality medicines, above all now that it is also developing the solid products sector, in addition to liquids, and it manages a significant turnover thanks to excellent work organisation and expert, skilled professionals”. The complete service that STE Madrid guarantees its customers at every stage of the project is also important. “Marchesini Group is certainly a leading and reliable supplier – concluded Pablo Carretero – partly because, as well as making innovative machines which can satisfy the particular needs of the pharmaceutical market, it can guarantee us important service and 360 degree support at all of the main steps thanks to the presence of STE technicians on the ground. It’s no coincidence the right now technician Juan Carlos Lamas of STE is working side by side with our people here at Italfarmaco, testing a new Neri BL600 vial labeller, guaranteeing in-depth training for our personnel”.

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