Rottapharm Madaus

Not just lines for packaging solid pharmaceuticals, featuring innovative solutions capable of meeting specific production requirements, but also a proficient after-sales service that derives from the joint commitment of qualified professionals.

These are basically the strongholds of the close relationship that for 20 years has united the pharmaceutical group Rottapharm|Madaus and Marchesini Group. So, let’s take a closer look at this important pharmaceutical enterprise and its relationship with Marchesini Group, with particular reference to the projects fulfilled over the years for the production factory in Dublin.

Rottapharm|Madaus, a successful history.

The Rottapharm|Madaus Group originates from the union of two important multinational pharmaceutical enterprises: following a major acquisition signed in August 2007, the German Madaus Pharma business and the Italian Rottapharm business became the two cores of a new major enterprise in the International pharmaceutical scenario, each offering their own rich background of experience and innovation.

Rottapharm – established in 1961 thanks to Dr. Luigi Rovati as a small independent research laboratory – has grown over the years focusing on its main target: constant investment in research and innovation. To this, Madaus Pharma has added the solid tradition of a business that, since 1919, is engaged in the research of natural and phytotherapeutic remedies. The Group, with its Headquarters located in Italy, in Monza, currently operates at a worldwide level with over two thousand employees.

Plants and production factories are located in Italy, Ireland, Germany, Spain and India, where Rottapharm | Madaus develops and promotes pharmaceutical products, functional food and toiletry solutions. The Irish factory in Dublin, employs over 160 staff members and produces solid oral pharmaceuticals for treating various ailments: these pharmaceuticals exploit active ingredients such as Glucosamine Sulphate, Plantains and Acetylsalicylic acid. Most of these products are exported in Europe, South America and Asia.

Marchesini Group and Rottapharm|Madaus: a close relationship of 20 years

Marchesini Group and Rottapharm|Madaus first started to work together in 1990, the year in which a blister line was purchased for the production factory in Monza, made up of a blister packaging machine MB420 and a cartoning machine BA100 for packaging capsules and tablets.

The line by Vasquali for packaging tablets in vials on the other hand dates back to 1998 – made up of a capping and counting machine and a vial feeder – purchased by Rottapharm for its factory in Lisbon. In the year 2000, both lines were transferred to the factory in Dublin, after being overhauled and updated. Furthermore, in 1999 and 2004, two sachet packaging lines were purchased and installed in the Irish factory: the lines consist of two sachet packaging machines MS235, a cartoning machine BA50, in the first, and of a MA50, in the second and of two PackService case packers.

In 2007, following the acquisition by the Rottapharm Group of Madaus Pharma, the production capacities were rationalised and the decision was made to transfer a part of the production line to Dublin. Consequently, in October 2009, a third sachet packaging line, originally installed in the factory of Barcelona, was transferred to Dublin.

The line is similar to the previous lines and consists of 2 sachet packaging machines MS235, a cartoner MA302 and a case packer MC820. Today, the Rottapharm|Madaus factory in Dublin owns 5 lines of Marchesini Group in its production plant: innovative lines, capable of satisfying the Group’s productive needs and the specific packaging requirements of different types of pharmaceutical products.

Cutting edge lines and a proficient after-sales service: Marchesini Group for Rottapharm|Madaus

The close collaboration relationship between Marchesini Group and Rottapharm|Madaus thus has solid foundations based on twenty years of projects fulfilled successfully by the two Groups. It is on these foundations that new projects are being developed and the Group puts its absolute trust in the after-sales service guaranteed by Marchesini Group. “The continuous expansion of Rottapharm|Madaus Group towards new markets and the increase in sales of products on the markets acquired – Dr. Enzo Lacchini pointed out, Corporate Technical Director of Rottapharm|Madaus – favours continuously new business potentials with Marchesini Group. We are more than satisfied in particular with the present after-sales service. Constant and efficient is the relationship between Rottapharm|Madaus, TMG – English division of Marchesini - and Marchesini Group in terms of technical assistance, spare parts and the after-sales service as a whole”. Another stronghold that Rottapharm|Madaus appreciates in Marchesini Group is that of being able to guarantee complete and cutting edge lines for packaging pharmaceuticals that are able to ensure top performance. “The machines of Marchesini – Dr. Lacchini continued – satisfy most of our packaging requirements, enabling us to meet the demand of our customers. Over the last 3 years we have made amazing efforts to improve the production performance of all our packaging lines and, thanks indeed to the assistance offered by Marchesini Group through TMG, to our technicians and experts, we have achieved excellent results”. Some of the lines in our factory in particular have been restyled: the sachet packaging line purchased in 1999, for example, has been overhauled and also the blister line purchased in 1990, thanks to a special maintenance action and to new “size” parts as well as other work and improvements added to other production machines. “We are currently reaching production results worthy of industrial leaders on the sachet and blister lines – Dr. Lacchini added – with satisfactory levels of machine efficiency up to peaks of 90%”.

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