Stickpack line

The machine model MSP560 is connected in line to a cartoner MA50 and is equipped with a brand new robotized pick up system integrated into the machine, for picking up, stacking and transferring the sticks to the cartoner.

We will describe here the main machine characteristics.

1) The Stickpack is becoming more popular for several reasons. First of all, a great efficiency in the use of packaging material (both foil and carton); it requires less material to pack the same powder quantity and requires a smaller carton. Furthermore it has appeal, it is innovative and user friendly. Size change-over is a major strong point. When the stickpack lenght needs to be changed, the operator only needs to adjust the machine and no part needs to be changed.

2) Material & production output On the machine it is possible to use a reel having a width of 600 mm. The single stickpack dimensions are: 55 mm in length by 10 rows . The production output is according to the product chacteristics and can vary due to several different reasons.

3) Dimensions and general characteristics If compared to the machines on the market, our MSP560 is much more compact, both in height and length, thus assuring a good ergonomics and easier for the operator to use. Result > easier installation in any layout - environment

The reel unwinding from machine rear side has been simplified.

Result > the operator can change the reel quickly and easily.

The front of the machine allows easy access to the working parts.

Result > the operator has an easy and direct view of the entire packaging process.

MPS560 Reel feeding An automatic reel centering device installed on the machine guarantees a correct position of the reel.

A. sensor is checking the material position during and after reel unwinding. This is very important because the material must always be in correct phase with the machine operations, thus avoiding an incorrect process. The machine can automatically correct the position of the film.

B. Printing unit During the film unwinding, it is possible to print data on the reel. In this example,a thermal transfer printing system has been installed, but other systems can be installed upon request.

C. Powder feeding The dosing unit installed is a volumetric bucket type and is easily accessible; it is possible to lift and move the entire unit in a simple way.

E. Horizontal sealing The unit is easy to replace without dismantling it in single parts, for cleaning and servicing operations or for the replacement with a second unit for size change

F. Vertical sealing unit The sealing unit is very compact and it allows pressure uniformity on each channel. It is accessible from the machine front side and it can be opened easily.

G. Film tension unit This group is patented and it is an ideal solution to obtain stickpack with a controlled quantity of air inside.

H. Horizontal cutting The cutting is a zig-zag type in this case, but it can be shaped according to the customer’s requirements. The unit can be opened without using any tools.

I. Stickpack discharge The positive stickpack discharge makes the MSP560 different from the machines already existing on the market. A robot picking up the stickpacks puts them into the cartoner bucket chain, where stacking is also possible. The transferring group is synchrodynamic type, and it alternates smoothly intermittent motion during bucket chain deposit and continuous motion during transferring to the cartoner. The robot puts the stickpacks into the bucket chain filling all the bucket chain spaces in a correct way.

L. Stick ejection Stickpacks made with a material splicing or the ones filled during first machine start are ejected.

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