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It takes cutting-edge technologies and skilled professionals to win important challenges. This is why the Italian company Farmila-Thea (a subsidiary of the French group Thea - independent European leader in ophthalmology and other therapeutic areas) chose to partner-up with the Marchesini Group to challenge a new project: the target was to package tubes in a sterile environment to launch an innovative product on the market and to double the company’s production volumes.

The background and the figures of Farmila-Thea, which is headquartered in Settimo Milanese (Milan), prove the solidity of the strongly growing company with over 50 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngologist. This company not only generates products for its parent company, but also produces an extensive range of multi-dose aseptic solutions, especially for the ophthalmic area, as a contracting company.

The Production Director of Farmila-Thea told us: “Farmila-Thea has been specialising in ophthalmic products (liquids, gels and ointments) and in ORL since 1946. In 2002, it was taken over by the French Group Thea, thus becoming Farmila-Thea and the Group’s first productive site: in addition to aseptic ophthalmic products, in both liquid and gel form, the company produces non-aseptic solutions too. An interesting fact: our multi-dose ophthalmic products do not contain preservatives, which often harm the eyeball: the contents remain aseptic for a specific time after the package is opened initially by means of a special packaging system”.

Production volumes have increased constantly and significantly over the years, for both ophthalmic eyedrops and ointments, not to forget non-sterile liquid products.

The Production Director of Farmila-Thea continued: “This rise in production volumes convinced us to make new investments, among which was that of purchasing a new machine from Marchesini. Farmila-Thea recently invested an overall 6 million and 500 thousand Euro to build a new factory and to purchase new systems. This investment will allow us to double our production volumes, as of this year even. In the future, we forecast doubling them further, also thanks to the aseptic tube filling line supplied by Marchesini”. 

Farmila-Thea is presently an enterprise that employs 100 people in Italy.

The Production Director explained: “Today, Farmila-Thea’s mission is essentially that of manufacturing, which we intend promoting; we aim at constantly increasing our production volumes and working on the marketplace as a contracting company within the Group, but also independently. Marchesini, together with other suppliers, will allow us to pursue this mission”.


The project: a “challenge” won with Marchesini

So, the purchase of the tube filling machine by Marchesini Millennium 200 is part of the investment plan that Farmila-Thea recently pursued with the aim to double its production volumes, for both the parent company and as a contracting company; but why do you say a “Challenge project”?

The Production Site Director explained: “First and foremost, because with the tube filling line of Marchesini, we will start to produce a very special “device” that will be used in varying fields, from pharmaceuticals to other merchandise categories. This multi-dose device is able to dispense a gel product without preservatives because the “device” keeps the product sterile and consequently guarantees the absence of preservatives and consequently any allergic reactions they often cause. An innovative product that is ready to hit the market”.

The Director of Technical Services told us: “The name of the project concerning the machine of Marchesini is indeed “challenge project” for a number of reasons: this tube filler, which first and foremost is installed under a laminar flow hood and consequently in a sterile environment, will be able to package different types of gel and liquid products, processing aluminium tubes or tubes made of other materials. This machine will enable us to double our production.

Millennium 200 is able to process tubes made of aluminium or Poliform containing from 3 to 30 grams of different types of product, ensuring utmost flexibility, reliability and speed.

He continued: “Additionally, there is an important technical aspect that should be pointed out. The innovative “device” we will produce on this machine is a tube made up of 7 layers of material, and this a novelty compared with the conventional 5-ply tube. Marchesini managed this issue skilfully with the technological solutions that make Millennium200 perfectly capable of efficiently sealing the 7 layers of the tube, at high production speeds too, which is a crucial requirement for us”.

This project has been fulfilled to perfection thanks to the outstanding teamwork between Farmila-Thea and Marchesini throughout all the work phases.

The Director of Technical Services ended: “The start-up phase of the machine was straightforward and absolutely trouble-free: the machine is ready to produce just as expected. Marchesini provided a prompt and proficient service, confirming its technological expertise and business proficiency, typical of an Italian leader of the international marketplace. We are indeed open to new projects with the Marchesini Group in the near future”.

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