Mipharm’s mission has always been to invest in the future and in pharmaceutical research, and above all to open up new routes to innovation and technology.

The well-known Italian pharmaceutical company, based in Milan, this year celebrated ten years in business. For years it has used pharmaceutical packaging lines and machines made by Marchesini Group, cutting edge systems featuring innovative ideas and providing the best possible way of meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical company and the products it manufactures. Mipharm: 10 years of success Established in 1998 by Giuseppe Miglio, a “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (an Italian decoration given to important figures in industry), previously President and CEO of Sandoz Holding and of Sandoz Farmaceutici, Mipharm mainly focused on developing new delivery systems and on the production of innovative medicines, both for itself and on behalf of other Italian and foreign companies.

The results of constant commitment, both in design and clinical development of new technologies, appeared in four main therapeutic areas (dermatology, gastroenterology, gynaecology and the new area of uroandrology) where it focuses on the acquisition, research and development of innovative delivery systems which, applied to known active ingredients, provide therapeutic solutions that were previously unavailable and which are more “effective”. In this area of pharmaceutical research, Mipharm is one of the few Italian companies able to compete with the research levels of other international organisations.

More than 200 employees, 10% of whom are researchers, sales worth 45 million euros per year, 40 million items produced per year, 7 new delivery technologies developed since it was established, exports to more than 30 countries worldwide: these are the figures for a company that today is one of the most advanced production units in Europe and boasts FDA authorisation for three production line: Nasal Sprays, Potent Drugs and Sachet Line. Its first decade has been a real success story. And the goal for the near future is to continue to be a solid point of reference, both for medical personnel and for patients, and to prepare increasingly state-of-the-art products and technologies.

As well as striving to expand in new emerging markets in southern Europe, particularly in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

Working with Marchesini Group

Mipharm and Marchesini have been working together for years: it was a historic decision by Mipharm which immediately appreciated the technological solutions proposed, as well as the reliability and expertise guaranteed by the Bolognese company and its founder Massimo Marchesini. “Among the first Marchesini items purchased by Mipharm – explained Claudio Landini, of Mipharm’s Technical Office – there was a machine for packaging tablets in rigid tubes from the bottom up. Then, over the years, we bought stand alone machines and complete packaging lines, both primary and secondary, for liquid and solid medicines. We have always been satisfied with the machines because they guarantee solutions suitable for the problems involved in packaging the various pharmaceutical products we make. We are also working with Marchesini Group on several projects for the future, one relating to a new sachet line”. The last Marchesini line supplied to Mipharm this year was a complete blister line which packages capsules and tablets for various types of medicines in ALU ALU and ALU PVC blister packs. The line consists of: - an MB421 blister thermoformer - an MA 305 cartoner with Robocombi - a Neri SL300 V labeller - a PS300 case packer.

Controlled by just two operators, the line is quite compact, divided into two areas: one for primary packaging, housing the blister thermoformer, and one for secondary packaging. Once the products have been packaged in the blister by the MB421 they reach the Robocombi, a versatile Marchesini solution: this innovative robot picks up the blister arriving from a belt then feeds them to the MA305 cartoner with a continuous motion, guaranteeing positive transfer. The blister are packed in cartons which are then labelled by the Neri SL300V, after which they move on to the PS300 case packer. Optimum use is made of the space available, thanks to a purpose-designed line which guarantees on one hand efficiency and reliability and on the other hand advanced technology and innovation. “The line – emphasised Landini – provided significant solutions from a number of viewpoints. First, it is an innovative line which, thanks to the use of the robot, greatly reduces size change-over times. Plus, the Marchesini designers helped us study and select a “C”-shaped line layout, optimising the use of the space available and minimising the manpower needed”. “This blister line – continued Landini – guarantees top performance, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, and is adapting in the best possible way to our production requirements, aiming to pack several pharmaceutical products in blister”.