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Automatic machine for Tub De-Lidding and De-Lining, filling and stoppering of syringes.

Main characteristics: 

  • Product contact parts: polished AISI 316L, Ra=0.8μm, welded edges Ra=1.6μm, silicon/teflon suitable for pharmaceutical applications.  
  • Filling and stoppering related parts located on the machine are easy to be removed for cleaning and sterilization out of place.
  • No mechanical assembly operates above syringes prior to the stopper being fitted.
  • Machine movements driven by servo-motors, programmable from the operator panel.
  • Rubber stopper sorting bowl locked/unlocked tool-less by automatic system controlled by HMI.
  • The round and smooth shape of the parts on the machine surface were designed to improve laminar flow efficiency and facilitate cleaning operations. 
  • Built-in safety system by doors: opening a door stops the machine instantaneously via hardware.
  • In the machine design, cGMP requirements have been met. 

Process Description:

De-Lidding and De-Lining Unit

The sealed Tub is manually placed onto the conveyor belt, which moves it slowly towards the opening station. Opening is carried out in three steps:

  1. Heating of the Tub top edge. The Tub is stopped underneath a station which warms up the Tub top edge by contact with an hot sealed surface.
  2. Mechanical removal of the Tyvek lid by a pick & place system which pulls up and lays down it into an harvesting bin.
  3. Afterwards from the opened Tub the lining is removed and wasted by a second vacuum pick & place system.

After the Tub opening and removal of the lining, the robotized solution can be set up to rotate, if needed, and to load the open Tub on the conveyor belt which transport the syringes to the Filling and Stoppering unit. The system guarantees a reliable, fast and complete emptying of the machine. In case of faulty opening, the Tub is rejected by the Tub unloading station.

Syringes Filling & Stoppering Unit

Manual unloading of the Tubs, manual loading of the rubber stoppers. 
Tub loading: arranged to receive Tubs in-line from upstream De-Lidding and De-Lining Unit
Nest loading: automatic, by a Pick&Place unit.

Available as an option: Double pick and place system for nest loading/unloading. Installation of a second pick and place system: the first pick&place system takes care of nest loading while the second unloads the nest with filled and stoppered syringes, into the relevant tub. This solution increases the working speed as the machine is equipped with two different devices: one for the nest loading and one for the nest unloading.

Nest transport: by self-centering table.

Filling: it is carried out by rotary piston pumps. Pumps fitted in line and accessible from machine operator side. Micrometric dosage volume adjustment driven by servo-motor and controlled by the operator panel; values stored inside each product recipe. Self-centering needles with adjustable, servo driven vertical movement for a bottom-up dosage. Programmable back-stroke of dosing pumps to avoid product dripping at the end of the dosage. On request, this operation can be performed with inert gas flushing.  

Rubber Stoppers Insertion Unit: stoppers pick-up at the exit of the sorting bowl. Direct transfer of rubber stoppers over the syringes by a servo-driven comb.  This system reduces the typical issue of jamming during stopper feeding due to sticky stoppers. Insertion of stoppers near to product surface by means of vent tubes and punches. Vent tubes and relevant punches are driven by servo-motors to guarantee repeatability and high precision of stopper placement, even if stoppers are placed very close to the liquid. On request, this operation can be performed with inert gas flushing. 

Nest Discharge: after the last raw of rubber stoppers has been put in place into the syringes, the transport table places the Nest in the discharge area where the pick and place system takes and places it back into its Tub.


Following data are for reference only. They are subject to change based on project configuration.

Processable Syringe Sizes

from 0.5 ml to 50 ml

Diameter Syringes

from 6,85 to 30 mm

Liquid Dosing Range

from 0,1 to 50 ml


The technical specifications given here are subject to change without prior notice and liability.