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Robotized Blister Line, integrating the two operations of blister thermoforming and packaging in carton, suitable to produce Blisters in PVC+ALU, ALU+ALU, Polypropylene, PET and PVC + Aclar®, COC (with dedicated devices).

  • Balcony style construction;
  • Maximum accessibility of all ergonomic groups;
  • Full compliance with cGMP regulations;
  • Every single group managed by servo motors;
  • Maximum visibility of all units for an immediate line clearance;
  • Size parts for the forming section completely interchangeable with the model MB430 and Integra300;
  • Very wide feeder selection: High Speed, Universal and Multiplex systems;
  • Forming station entirely managed by Brushless motors;
  • Self-aligning pre-heating plates, independently motorized;
  • Automatic reel unwinder and film positioning driven by Brushless motor;
  • Automatic Pitch adjustment directly from the display;
  • Integrated Robocombi;
  • Continous motion cartoning;
  • Very compact layout;
  • The two sections of the line can be divided by a separating wall, allowing the insertion in two rooms of different class;
  • New innovative system for carton opening, featuring two movements
  • New innovative electronic group for product insertion, servo-driven, equipped with counterpushers.

Blistering Section 

  • Maximum forming depth: 9.0 mm  (12 mm optional)
  • Mechanical speed of blister machine: up to a maximum of 80 forming cycles/minute
  • Output: up to 320 blisters/minute

Cartoning Section 

Mechanical speed of cartoning machine:

  • up to 260 cartons/minute

Size data:

Blister size:

  • X: 30-86 mm
  • Y: 70-140 mm

Carton size:

  • Width “A”: from 35 to 90 mm 
  • Height “B”: from 15 to 90 mm 
  • Length “H”: from 75 to 150 mm