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Stickpack filling and packaging line


    Stickpack filling & packaging line

    The Stickpack line is composed by:
    • Automatic Stickpack filling machine model MSP560;
    • Automatic Intermittent motion cartoner model MA50.
    The filling machine is equipped with a robotic stacking unit for picking-up the stickpacks and moving them to the cartoning machine. Without neglecting ergonomics and easy access to the various components, the Stickpack packaging line is, non-the-less, very compact.
    One of the filling line strengths is its positive outfeed motion: thanks to a Pick and Place system, the sticks are picked up and placed in the buckets to be transferred to the cartoner. Stickpack can also pack liquids or creams alongside with solids.
    The filling and packaging line is featured with two chains that work in synchrony, following each other throughout the process. The sticks thus are taken, counted and gathered into the cassette.
    Stickpack line’s special feature is its automatic material centering system: a sensor detects the position of the paper during and after the film’s unwinding and sends the required information to correct the positioning. In addition, the MSP560 has a patented packaging deflation system that guarantees the products will be correctly pushed towards the cartoner.

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