Solid - Product detail



Automatic monobloc machine with synchro-dynamic product transport system, suitable to count tablets (coated and uncoated), caplets, oblong pills and capsules, bottles filling and continuous motion capping with screw caps, alu-caps or press-on caps. 

  • Stainless steel covered frame and a clear separation between the bottles transport area and the driving and transmission gears which are placed inside the machine basement.
  • Bottle conveyor belt with automatic adjustment of bottle height and diameter to minimize the number of change parts and improves the ease and speed of cleaning and change over. 
  • The balcony style monobloc combines the “intermittent motion” of the two counting groups with the “continuous motion” of all the other groups (bottles transport, silica-gel/cotton insertion, capping).
  • Each counting group is equipped with its own synchro-dynamic product transfer system.
  • Complete electronic control of machine features. All messages are displayed on the HMI.
  • PC controlled machine with memory capacity to store a large number of recipes.

Mechanical Speed: up to 150 bottles/minute

Container size:

  • (A) = Diameter of round bottle: from 30 to 70 mm
  • (B) = Width x width, square bottle: from 30 to 70 mm
  • (C) = Long side, rectangular bottle: from 30 to 70 mm
  • (D) = Short side, rectangular bottle: from 30 to 70 mm
  • (G) = Total bottle height, without closure: from 50 to 150 mm

Closure size:

  • (H) = Closure height: from 10 to 45 mm
  • (H1) = Total heigh of Diptube: 105 mm
  • (L) = External diameter of closure: from 7 to 45 mm