Solid - Product detail



Intermittent motion vertical sachet filling/sealing machine suitable for medium and high production rate lines, built according to cGMP regulations.

  • New dosing unit;
  • All product contact parts are in stainless steel or in FDA approved material;
  • Sealing in flat with mechanical movement;
  • Sealing pressure adjusted by an exspansion membrane operating on one of the jaws;
  • Film drive system with cold rollers;
  • Cutting and/or perforation on extractable frame to facilitate cleaning;
  • Stacking and couting unit with cartoner connection;
  • Mechanical transfer sachet stacking;
  • Count number can be set on display;
  • Sachet weight statistical check.


  • 75 cycles/minute


  • Sachet length: from 60 to 150 mm
  • Sachet width: min. 25 mm., max. to see with the product
  • Web width: standard 400 mm - max. 420 mm
  • Reel outer diameter: max. 500 mm