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Automatic intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machine, very compact and reliable. The working area is in cantilever (balcony type) layout. The main structure has a vertical partition to separate the mechanical section (rear) from the working area (front). Inclined surfaces on the lower part of the machine transport discarded products and cartons towards the operator into proper collecting bins, for a complete clearance of packing residues and easy machine cleaning. MA 80 is suitable to pre break and erect three-flap straight or reverse tuck cartons, insert product, which has been delivered to the infeed bucket chain, close cartons and discharge.

  • Product bucket infeed chain designed to be connected to various available automatic feeding units. Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets (related to product width) includes tool and millimeter scale;
  • Carton magazine with pusher belt, below the product bucket chain, on operator’s side, with minimum load control. Simplified magazine guide and pickup adjustment with millimeter scales; the carton is picked-up by a newly designed system consisting of an oscillating arm with suction cups and mechanical 90 degrees pre-breaking action. Direct transfer into the belt transport system;
  • Positive carton pickup control from magazine;
  • After pre-breaking the carton is transported by a parallel mounted lug chain, which maintain the carton in perfect square;
  • The carton transport system is centrally adjustable and equipped with digital indicators;
  • Widening of the belt transport system performed with hand wheel and digital indicators to suit carton length (“H” dimension);
  • Product arriving from the infeed chain is inserted with a pusher placed opposite operator side;
  • After the closing operation lateral belts discharge the carton;
  • Easy size change through handwheel and digital indicators.


  • up to 120 cartons/minute


  • Width “A”: from 30 to 130 mm, pitch 160 mm,
  • Height “B”: from 20 to 100 mm
  • Length “H”: from 75 to 200 mm