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Automatic intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machine, very compact and reliable.

  • Cantilever layout;
  • Product bucket infeed chain designed to be connected to various available automatic feeding units. Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets (related to product width) includes tool and millimeter scale;
  • Carton magazine with pusher belt, below the product bucket chain, on operator’s side, with minimum load control. Simplified magazine guide and pickup adjustment with millimeter scales;
  • The carton is picked-up by an oscillating arm with suction cups and mechanical 90 degrees pre-breaking action. Direct transfer into the belt transport system;
  • Positive carton pickup control from magazine;
  • Carton's perfect square during transport;
  • Carton transport system centrally adjustable and equipped with digital indicators;
  • Widening of the belt transport system performed with hand wheel and digital indicators to suit carton length (“H” dimension);
  • Product arriving from the infeed chain is inserted with a pusher placed opposite operator side;
  • After the closing operation lateral belts discharge the carton;
  • Easy changeover.


  • up to 70 cartons/minute with normal size cartons
  • up to 40 cartons/minute with maximum carton size


  • Width “A”: from 40 to 190 mm, pitch 230 mm,
  • Height “B”: from 20 to 105 mm
  • Length “H”: from 80 to 200 mm
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