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Continuous motion machine suitable for 2D print&check and human readable information on the cartons, to apply two (2) tamper-evident “TE” seals onto the two lateral flaps of the carton or as an alternative, to apply one (1) vignette label on the top of the carton. The unit operates in line with other machines or as a free-standing machine if equipped with suitable infeed/outfeed accessories.

Main features:

  • Twin conveyor belts with adjustable width for handling different carton sizes
  • Two rollers in infeed for carton spacing
  • Machine can be equipped or upgraded in future with 2 labelling heads for 2 Tamper Evident (TE) seal application on the lateral flaps or with 1 labelling head for 1 Vignette application on the top of the carton
  • Label unwinding units are placed inside safety guards
  • Servo-motor label dispensing
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the TE-Seal or Vignette position
  • Backing paper rewinding units with mechanical clutch
  • Rejection by pneumatically-driven piston
  • Carton reject inside the bin with collection on operator side
  • Quick changeover without any size parts
  • 15’’ Touch screen control panel for machine and serialization system management, with user-friendly interface
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Safety guards to protect from unauthorized intervention during serialization process


    • Up to 150 pcs/min for 2D print & labelling


  • Carton size “a”: width from 25 up to max. 180 mm
  • Carton size “b”: height (thick) from 17 - up to max. 100 mm
  • Carton size “h”: length from 70 up to max. 250 mm