SP detail



Intermittent-motion horizontal cartoner, entirely made with balcony construction, designed around three concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint.  

  • Balcony construction, as per cGMP rules;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Maximum visibility for the whole process, thanks to completely transparent guards;
  • Separate rejects for product, leaflet and carton, for easy, safe handling of the production batch;
  • All groups are very accessible and have ergonomic design;
  • Mechanical parts in an oil bath to reduce maintenance and extend the life of drive parts;
  • Limited number of adjustments;
  • Particularly low noise thanks to advanced solutions adopted for product and carton conveyors;
  • Touch Screen control panel, for operator interface and machine management;
  • Simple, quick size changeover can be performed from the front side of the machine, with adjustments made easy by the presence of digital read-outs or millimetre scales;
  • The toothed belt makes it an ideal solution for packaging cosmetic products.


  • up to 100 cartons/minute or 140/minute (High Speed version)


  • Width “A”: from 20 to 85 mm, pitch 110 mm
  • Height “B”: from 16 to 65 (70 HS version) mm
  • Length “H”: from 60 to 170 mm