SP detail



Semi-automatic case packer, designed and built to satisfy small to medium output production requirements. This machine is for customers who look for simplicity and small dimensions but do not want to give up speed and reliability. The pre-formed cases must be placed manually on the loading area. Cartons are fed by conveyor into the stacking unit, where they are collated upwards, as it is programmed through the operator interface panel. The case is then automatically fed and discharged on a free running convey.

  • Wide range of cases and products working sizes;
  • Fully enclosed structure with safety guards and security micro to suit CE rules;
  • Cases feeding area totally safe, free from any mechanical movement;
  • Torque overloading control on every motor;
  • PLC controlled functioning;
  • Fast and easy changeover, with digital indicators and quick fixing of mobile change parts;
  • Machine stop for minimum load at infeed with automatic restart;
  • Zone for carton transit, stacking and transfer into case, completely isolated to prevent products from falling into the machine.





up to 4 case changes/minute


Product Sizes/Product collation size:  

  • ‘A’ from 25 to 580mm (0,984” – 22,83”)
  • ‘B’ from 10 to 120mm (0.39” – 4.724”)
  • ‘H’ from 65 to 300mm (2.56” – 11.811”)

Case Sizes - External RSC (=regular slotted container) case dimensions:

  • “A1” Length from 200 to 600mm (7.847” – 23.622”)
  • “B1” Width from 125 to 400mm (4.92” – 15.75”)
  • “H1” Height (Depth) from 65 to 400mm (2.56” – 15.75”)
  • Infeed Height: 850 ÷ 950mm (33.465” – 37.4”)
  • Discharge Height: 450 ÷ 550 mm (17.716” – 21.653”)