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Automatic casepacker with horizontal infeed, particularly suited for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market. Compact, ergonomic and easy to use. Affordable and robust, it is a cutting edge and flexible machine, thanks to its perfect mix of innovative solutions and consolidated experiences.

All operations are completely automated. The machine is pre-arranged so that traceability systems can be easily installed. In order to reduce time in between changing formats the machine has been designed to have easy access and fewer change parts. Multiple options are available for a wide range of personalization.

Main features:

• reduced footprint;
• clean and ergonomic design;
• easy accessibility to the product;
• innovative case pick up and forming;
• easy changeover;
• easy cleaning;
• accessibility to the mechanical units;
• optimal visibility during the whole packaging process.


Case dimensions/



“A” dimension

140 mm

 520 mm

“B” dimension

120 mm

 400 mm

“H” dimension

110 mm

350 mm

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