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Automatic machine for packing single cartons or bundles into cases, closed with adhesive

tape or glue. The machine comes fully equipped for serialization and data aggregation (Track&Trace).

Controlled by servo-driven motors and PC-managed, and equipped with a kit including

all the necessary Track&Trace systems, the machine can be further completed with additional optional equipment.

The machine comes with a complete and tested system for serialization and data aggregation which includes:


  • Standard MC820 machine (1 size included)
  • Complete vision system*
  • Pre-stacked plate
  • Carton reject belt
  • Protected motorized outfeed roller
  • Case reject
  • Idle roller conveyor belt for approved cases
  • Thermal Label Printer Zebra for printing labels in real-time

*Complete Vision System specifications:

  • A dedicated 15" monitor
  • Cameras with relevant light units for serialized code control when product is stopped
  • Camera with relevant light unit to control case label code
  • Spare hard disk, UPS, 2D Cordless Scanner, 2D USB Scanner for manual data management
  • Basic Software Licence + Serialization Software Licence: OCV, Codes, Ansi Grading, Zebra printer management for Track&Trace, Progressive code
  • Slave software Licence for batch centralization
  • Software and Hardware package capable of interfacing with aggregation system of data present in the machine and client’s serialization system (optional)


  • 10 cases/Minute - 7,5 when serialization is inserted
  • Pick & Place unit up to 60 product picking cycles/minute

Product size:   

  • ‘A’ from 20 to 260 mm 
  • ‘B’ from 10 to 150 mm 
  • ‘H’ from 50 to 170 mm 


  • ‘a1' 20 ÷ 160 mm 
  • ‘b1' 10 ÷ 150 mm 
  • ‘h1' 50 ÷ 170 mm 


  • A 140 ÷ 520 mm
  • B 120 ÷ 350 mm
  • H 120 ÷350 mm