BL-A420 CW


Automatic labeller with integrated checkweigher, for the application of one vignette label on the top panel of carton and of two self-adhesive, tamper-evident seals on the closure points of formed cartons. 

Machine designed to enable the installation of inkjet or laser printers and corresponding cameras, to print and subsequently verify 2D codes and relevant human-readable text, on the lateral flaps and on the upper panel.

Standard features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Balcony design
  • Machine management by means of PC with positive “Fail Safe” logic
  • Continuous mode speed adjustment
  • Very ergonomic design with separate operational, electrical and mechanical zones
  • High accessibility for easy management, inspection and service
  • Patented cartons indexing device with mechanical design, allowing size change without adjustment
  • Positive cartons transport with toothed belt
  • Automatic motorized unwinder, with adjustable loop
  • Label dispensing on servo or stepping motor drive
  • Labelling heads with vertical and horizontal micro-metric adjustments
  • Backing paper rewinding unit equipped with mechanical clutch
  • Automatic work speed synchronization of all motors
  • High labels application accuracy
  • A or B grading print quality of 2D code of cartons
  • Quick changeover without size parts
  • Self-diagnosis on display

Optional devices:

  • Thermal transfer overprint unit with PC and label print software
  • Missing overprint of labels control system
  • Missing seals or vignettes of cartons control system
  • Single characters of overprint control system OCV – OCR with camera
  • Bar code vignette control system with camera or scanner
  • Automatic eject unit for all types of error
  • Counter control system of ejected cartons
  • Carton tracking system by means of 2D code printing of cartons
    and relevant human-readable text, with single or multi heads laser or inkjet HP type printer
  • Single or multi-camera vision system for verify complete T&T coding previously printed on cartons


  • 400 pcs./minute


  • Carton size “a”: width from 25 to 105 mm
  • Carton size “b”: height (thick) from 15 to 90 mm
  • Carton size “h”: length from 60 to 160 mm