Tonazzi-Vasquali Division

In 1938 Tonazzi, already operating in the world of packaging machines, launched the first toothpaste tube-filling machine. It was an excellent primacy that still allows this historic company, an integral part of Marchesini Group since 1996, to maintein its leading position in the supply of tube-filling machines today. Tonazzi has also developed a complementary production range of filling/closing machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, among which: jars, mascaras and lipsticks at low, medium and high speeds. Innovation and excellence in particular are what make the tube-filling machines of the Millennium series stand out today. Made entirely with a balcony structure, the entire batching unit can be transferred to the washing and sterilization station in one single block.

In 1956 Benito Vasquali started to build the first mechanical counting machines for tablets and capsules and soon became a leading manufacturer worldwide, with over 3,000 machines installed in five continents. The production range was later extended with the aim to supply complete packaging lines. It became part of the Marchesini Group in 2004. The mechanical counting system designed, manufactured and patented by Vasquali is straightforward and reliable: it is based on a rotating disc, made according to the shape of the product to be processed. Another electronic controller ensures the count is exact. The FTC series electronic counting machines count tablets, lozenges, caplets, coated pills and capsules with no need for size parts. The new monoblock versions are now available with or without synchro-dynamic conveying system and with or without product quality controls.

Following the acquisition, the Marchesini Group unified the two companies creating the Tonazzi-Vasquali brand. 

Machines produced: Tonazzi-Vasquali specialises in automatic machinery for filling tubes, mascara, lip-gloss, jars and counting machines for tablets, pills and capsules
Square meters: 6,115
Employees: 50
Plant Director: Mr. Dante Caffarone

Contact number and fax
Phone: +39 0331 744211
Fax: +39 0331 515671